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Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

.The human body is designed for standing, not sitting. That is why sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause many problems. Muscle strain, neck and back stiffness, and lack of circulation can result in loss of productivity. Performance Electrical Height Adjustable Tables can help promote a healthier and more efficient workplace.
.Available in either Standard or Corner Unit base configurations.
.Features include dual motors, three-stage legs, 26"h-52"h height adjustment, 300 lb. weight capacity and up/down keypad. Optional programmable keypad also available.
Colors Available
Edge Color
  • Details

    • Available in two configurations (Standard or Corner Unit)
    • Dual motors; 3-stage legs; 26"h-52"h range
    • Bases accommodate 48"w - 72"w tops
    • 300 lb. weight capacity (excludes top)
    • Basic up/down control pad included - optional programmable keypad also available
    • Fully compatible with our PL Classic and Elements Collections
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