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Full set of conference tables

Full set of conference tables

House 2 Offi ce’s Expandable Conference Table program offers exceptionally handsome veneer and laminate
conference tables with the fl exibility of size to suit your conference needs. Not only are the tables designed for
fl exibility of size but they are also engineered to neatly accommodate cable management*. The program consists
of ten basic components that allow you to create tables starting at 8’ or 10’ and expanding in 4’ increments
Colors Available
  • Details

    • Each top has a pre-installed grommet.
    • Veneer tables constructed of veneer, wood solids and wood product. Tops feature a UV finish for added protection.
    • Laminate tables constructed of laminate on wood product with PVC vinyl edges.
    • Included mending plates ensure proper top alignment and secure assembly.
    • Each base has six adjustable levelers that also assist in correct alignment and assembly.
    • Designed with rails providing stability, adding style and helping to conceal the functional wire management troughs.
    • Wire management troughs or trays provide aesthetically pleasing means to safely manage cables.
    • Base component designed with cable opening at the top and vertical channel within the base to guide cables out through bottom of the base.
    • The cable opening in the top components are also positioned and sized to facilitate the installation of optional data ports/power centers
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